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Traditional Peking Opera to be staged in Beijing E-Town

Updated: 2023-11-24

To enrich the cultural lives of its residents, Beijing E-Town has collaborated with the National Centre for the Performing Arts to introduce high-quality and high-standard art performances to the area.

On Nov 25 at 19:30, the Beijing E-Town WeChat Video Channel will broadcast the traditional Peking Opera "Changbanpo · Hanjinkou," adapted from the classic Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." 

The story follows Liu Bei, a powerful warlord and the founding emperor of the Shu Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280), who, while fleeing to Jiangxia, is chased by Cao Cao's army. Cao Cao was a powerful minister and warlord who laid the foundation for the future Wei Dynasty (220-265) 

In the chaos, Liu Bei and his family become separated. Zhao Yun, a military general, bravely breaks through the encirclement, rescuing Mi Zhu, Jian Yong, Lady Gan, and others. Lady Mi entrusts her and Liu Bei's son, A Dou, to Zhao before taking her own life by jumping into a well.

With A Dou in his arms, Zhao Yun seizes Cao's precious sword, and engages in a fierce battle to break through and escape. 

Zhang Fei, a famous general of the Shu Kingdom, creates chaos at Changban Bridge, frightening off Cao's soldiers. Zhao Yun is able to successfully break through and returns A Dou to Liu Bei. 

Liu Bei, touched by the gesture, expresses his gratitude. As Cao's soldiers close in, Guan Yu, a legendary general, arrives with reinforcements from Jiangxia, blocking Cao's pursuit and allowing Liu Bei to escape.


Poster of the Peking Opera [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Traditional Peking Opera 

"Changbanpo · Hanjinkou"

Live broadcast time: Nov 25, 19:30

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