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Check out E-Town's achievements in three areas

Updated: 2023-11-27

During a recent special session on promoting development with a comprehensive package of policies, Beijing E-Town showcased significant achievements in three fields: integrated circuits, intelligent connected vehicles, and information and innovation.

In the field of integrated circuits:

Focusing on cutting-edge international technology and core technology breakthroughs, Beijing E-Town implemented the dual "1+1" project, creating a research and development (R&D) model of "big lines setting questions, small lines answering questions" and "R&D iteration + large-scale production." 

Currently, 96 key technological breakthroughs have been made, and 16 key process R&D tasks have been completed. Beijing E-Town has also built the largest national industrial cluster in the integrated circuit industry, with the strongest manufacturing capacity, the most comprehensive process platform, and the highest level of independent controllability.

In the field of intelligent connected vehicles:

Beijing E-Town has established several urban-level innovative scenario applications, promoting the construction of a cloud-controlled high-level automated driving demonstration zone. 

It has released the world's first open-source intelligent connected roadside operating system, Smart Road OS, and the world's first time-series car-road cooperative dataset based on real road scenes, forming the "China Solution" for intelligent connected vehicles integrating cars, roads, and clouds. 

The area has also deployed 739 autonomous vehicles from 22 testing companies, realizing applications in eight major categories, such as unmanned retail and unmanned delivery, providing normalized travel and life services for over 2 million people. The construction of demonstration zone phase 3.0 is now steadily advancing citywide.

In the Information Technology Application Innovation (ITAI) industry:

With joint support from the national, municipal, and district levels, Beijing E-Town has taken the lead in formulating and implementing ten measures for information innovation. 

It has constructed a high-standard national ITAI industry base, and established public such infrastructure platforms as adaptation and testing centers. 

At present, the area has gathered over 90 percent of China's top information technology companies, totaling nearly 270, advancing more than 20 national ITAI projects, generating over a thousand patents, and transforming more than a thousand products. 

It consistently contributes strength to the continuous development of a modern industrial system that is independent, secure, reliable, and competitive.