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Beijing E-Town rolls out supporting policies of data foundation pilot zone

Updated: 2023-11-27

The creation plan for the Beijing Data Foundation Pilot Zone was released on Nov 10, specifying the complete construction of the pilot zone by 2030.

To achieve this objective, Beijing E-Town has, for the first time, proposed efforts in three dimensions: constructing a system, creating space, and strengthening policies. 

These efforts aim to support Beijing in becoming a national hub for the circulation of data elements and a global benchmark, promoting the high-quality development of Beijing's digital economy.

"We will provide sincere policy support and spatial guarantees, promoting the development of the data industry and the implementation of data projects," said a representative from Beijing E-Town. 

The area is actively formulating special policies to support the development of the data industry and provide complementary policy support for the pilot zone. 

In addition to national innovation parks and the Beitou Taihu Industrial Park in Beijing E-Town, there are also 10 digital economy industrial parks, including the Dewei Science Park and Fengchuang Science Park, as well as two digital economy enterprise industrial bases, such as JD Group's headquarters. 

These areas have ample industrial space to support the development and upgrading of the pilot zone.


A view of Fengchuang Science Park [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

"From policy support to industrial collaboration, and then to talent resources, Beijing E-Town has demonstrated full sincerity, which is why we resolutely chose to land here," said Kang Ruiqing, chairman of the Beijing Kaiyun Parallel Space Technology Co.

At the launch ceremony, the first batch of data element service organizations and data merchants officially settled in the zone, with Beijing E-Town's enterprise, Kaiyun Parallel Space, being one of them. 

Kaiyun Parallel Space possesses full-space target data from 1957 to the present and has assisted its parent company, Beijing Kaiyun Joint Information Technology Group Co, in developing a space database product—Space Mapper, a space map (www.aseem.cn). This achievement includes the domestic upgrading and replacement of Two-Line Element (TLE) data, filling the gap in the domestic market.

"Beijing E-Town will coordinate the entire area's data element resources and the advantages of pilot policies, promote infrastructure construction, create a hub for cross-border data circulation, facilitate the realization of data asset value, and focus on promoting pilot projects in key industries, such as large-scale artificial intelligence model training, the cross-border circulation of medical data, and cross-border data for autonomous driving," remarked a representative from Beijing E-Town.