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5G+ Industrial Internet Public Service Platform goes online in E-Town

Updated: 2023-11-29

Recently, the 5G-Link full-process laboratory and public service platform of Beijing Ultrapower Software Co held a launch ceremony at the National Information Technology Application Innovation (ITAI) Park in Beijing E-Town.

What is the 5G-Link public service platform? How does it empower enterprises? 

"Currently, '5G+ Industrial Internet' faces difficulties in technological integration, wide scope coverage, long industry chains, numerous business breakpoints, and difficulties in scale replication. The construction and operation investment is huge, and there is a lack of support in terms of talent training, making it difficult to achieve immediate results." shared Zhai Yibing, COO of Beijing Ultrapower Software Co.

The 5G-Link platform is an important achievement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's project "High-Quality Network and Public Service Platform for '5G+ Industrial Internet'", led by Ultrapower. 

"Through the construction of a 5G core network, two laboratory networks, three public service capabilities, eight industrial standards, twelve pieces of integrated equipment, and a multi-scenario public resource repository, our goal is to build the platform into a service base for promoting the digital transformation of enterprises in Beijing," Zhai added. 

The 5G-Link platform is the result of Ultrapower's deep integration with cutting-edge technologies in 5G private networks, sensing, and industrial Internet in various fields. 

The platform can provide a public experimental environment, testing and verification environment, and technical exchange venues for 5G network applications. It offers training, practical training, examinations, and certification services both on and offline for industry professionals, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of China's industrial manufacturing.

The 5G-Link platform also brings together the advantages of multiple parties to create a full-process open laboratory and training base for 5G+ Industrial Internet. 

It leverages the platform's capabilities through domestic standard formulation, training and education services to build the prototype of an incubator, effectively enhancing the value and scalability of related technologies and their innovative applications. 

The 5G-Link platform provides 187 test cases and corresponding test tools, with testing capabilities for 5G industrial comprehensive communications.