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Capital incentives for promoting green, low-carbon development in Beijing E-Town

Updated: 2023-12-12

The capital incentive measures for promoting green, low-carbon, and high-quality development in Beijing E-Town were issued recently. 

The measures closely align with the area's 2023 pollution prevention and control efforts and dual-carbon work. 

The measures showcase four major highlights, one of which is the addition of eight new support directions, including low-carbon trailblazer pilot projects, new energy bus replacement projects, and green electricity trading projects.

Replacement of commercial vehicles with new energy vehicles

Encourages existing enterprises in Beijing E-Town to phase out and replace their current Beijing-registered fuel and gas commercial vehicles, such as trucks, large and medium-sized buses, and specialized operation vehicles, with corresponding pure electric vehicles or hydrogen-powered new energy vehicles. 

Financial incentives will be provided based on the number of phased-out or transferred fuel and gas vehicles, and the number of new energy vehicles will be replaced, with the reward determined by the lesser of the two.

Pilot outstanding projects for advanced low-carbon technology

Promotes the priority application of key low-carbon technologies in critical areas, encouraging the integrated application of various advanced low-carbon technologies. 

Outstanding projects selected by the Beijing Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau for advanced low-carbon technology pilots are eligible for a one-time reward of 500,000 yuan ($69,686).

Low-carbon trailblazer pilot projects

Encourages the use of low-carbon trailblazers as industry benchmarks to provide replicable and adaptable models and experiences for the low-carbon development of key industries and sectors. 

Projects recognized by the Beijing Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau as low-carbon trailblazer pilot projects will receive a one-time reward of 500,000 yuan.

Water efficiency trailblazer projects

Encourages key water-using enterprises to improve water efficiency. 

A one-time reward of 500,000 yuan will be given to enterprises recognized as "water efficiency trailblazers" through the joint selection process conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Water Resources, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the State Administration for Market Regulation, and publicized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Green electricity trading projects

Encourages enterprises to participate in the green electricity trading in Beijing. Enterprises successfully purchasing green electricity will receive financial incentives, with a reward of 0.01 yuan per kilowatt-hour of traded electricity.

Temporary wastewater treatment facility projects

Encourages enterprises to implement projects related to industrial wastewater treatment, wastewater recycling, and temporary wastewater treatment facilities within the category of environmental protection technology transformation projects targeting water pollution prevention and control.