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E-Town enterprises welcome New Year in joy and confidence

Updated: 2023-12-19

At the recently held "E-Town Enterprises Welcome the New Year" annual event, Beijing E-Town joined hands with local enterprises, igniting the development flame of 2024 this winter.


The "E-Town Enterprises Welcome the New Year" annual event [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

At the venue, with representatives from over a hundred companies taking their seats one after another, the event kicked off to a round of applause.


Representatives of companies attend the event. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

In 2023, Beijing E-Town attracted 65 new foreign-funded enterprises. To help foreign enterprises who entered the area in 2023 integrate more quickly into Beijing E-Town, at the beginning of the event, Beijing E-Town presented foreign investment and trade policy packages to eight newly-settled foreign-funded and foreign trade companies.

Currently, the area has attracted more than 1,100 foreign-funded enterprises from over 40 countries and regions globally, and its export-oriented economy has become one of its main features. 

Behind this, there are continuously increasing investments and expansions from foreign-funded enterprises, casting a vote of trust in Beijing E-Town. 

For the long-standing "old friends among foreign enterprises, Beijing E-Town presented the “2023 Annual New Foreign Investment Contribution Award” to representative enterprises, including Jidu Auto, Ankang Ruihe Biomedical Technology, Pony.ai and JD Health.

Looking towards 2024, many foreign-funded enterprises at the scene and online expressed their good wishes for Beijing E-Town.

Subsequently, performances by employees from Goldwind Technology, Bayer Pharmaceutical, and the Beijing E-Town General Union Art Troupe warmed up the atmosphere.


Employees sing songs and deliver performances. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

"This event provides us an opportunity to communicate face-to-face with representatives from various industries. We look forward to more such events in the future." remarked Liu Dongmei, finance director of Cummins Emission Solutions (China) Co.


Company representatives exchange views. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]


Company representatives share ideas. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

This event was organized by the Beijing E-Town Enterprise Association, with the German Chamber of Commerce, the China-Britain Business Council, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, relevant multinational service agencies and investment institutions, seeing the participation of more than 100 foreign-funded enterprises and key enterprises in the area.