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First general medicine innovation and development conference kicks off

Updated: 2023-12-21

The first General Medicine Innovation and Development Conference (Beijing) took place in Beijing E-Town on Dec 16. 

During the conference, the "E-Town Innovation Incubation Carrier" was officially unveiled, and projects such as the Township Medical Collaboration Network and the Grassroots Asthma Prevention and Treatment Project were initiated.


A poster for the first General Medicine Innovation and Development Conference (Beijing) [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

The one-day conference consisted of "one main venue + four sub-venues" and included thematic reports, academic discussions, experience sharing, and interactive exchanges. 

The event aimed to introduce innovative solutions, promote industry interaction and strengthen collaboration between medical institutions and enterprises.


The "E-Town Innovation Incubation Carrier" is unveiled at the event. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Directors from over 200 community health centers nationwide and representatives from more than 60 companies focused on interactive exchanges in areas such as promoting digital information for community health development, respiratory chronic disease screening, diagnosis, and management, as well as the empowerment of precise chronic disease management through technological informatization.

At the event, officials from the Beijing E-Town Science and Technology Innovation Bureau and Zhu Lili, vice president of AstraZeneca China, unveiled the "AstraZeneca Innovation Incubation Carrier (Technology Enterprise Incubator)."

Up to now, Beijing E-Town has nurtured five national incubators, six municipal incubators, and three district-level incubators, establishing a chain of "Innovation Space-Incubator-Accelerator-Technology Industrial Park."

Leaders from the Chinese Community Health Association, drawing on their own experiences, expressed their hope for the promotion of high-quality development in medical work through information technology. Officials from the Beijing Municipal Health Commission also elaborated on the importance of grassroots health work.

Officials from Beijing E-Town stated that Beijing E-Town, as the main stronghold of high-end industries in Beijing, has attracted more than 4,200 enterprises in the biopharmaceutical industry. 

The first community health service center in the area, Ronghua Community Health Service Center, has entered the trial operation stage. 

More than 300 people, including government officials from domestic and foreign general medicine and community health-related departments, researchers, clinical medical experts, grassroots community health service managers, and industry partners, participated in the conference.