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Beijing E-Town welcomes top automobile components company

Updated: 2024-01-09

"We are a high-end automotive lighting company, and were officially registered at the end of November this year. Currently, our office location is undergoing renovation," said Wang Fahao, general manager of Beijing Hainachuan Hella Automotive Lamp Co. 

With the arrival of another leading automotive components company, the high-end automotive and new energy intelligent connected vehicle industry in Beijing E-Town is further strengthening its supply chain.

Hainachuan Hella Automotive Lamp Co is jointly invested and established by Hella (China) Investment Co and Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co.

The former is backed by a German-listed company, primarily producing high-performance automotive lighting and electronic products. Last year, its market share accounted for 16 percent of the global automotive lighting market. The latter is a subsidiary of Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC), the third-largest automotive components group in China.

In line with the trend of developing technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing car lights, Hanachuan Hella Automotive Lamp integrates the product and technical advantages of its parent company, and possesses independent research and development capabilities. 

The company is continuously enhancing its capabilities in the independent development of high-end automotive lighting systems and currently holds approximately 200 patents. 

In the field of lighting technology, the firm has developed small-sized LED lens modules, low-energy-consumption intelligent lighting control systems for new energy vehicles, and solutions for high-illumination distance laser high beam lenses.

Regarding the reasons for settling in Beijing E-Town, Wang stated, "Location advantages, industrial cluster effects, and policy support are all important factors that attracted us." 

The area provides convenient transportation and logistics conditions for the sale of Hainachuan Hella automotive lamps. 

Especially noteworthy is the complete automotive industry chain led by Beijing Benz and BAIC New Energy, facilitating closer cooperation between Hainachuan Hella Automotive Lamp and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, further increasing market share. 

In terms of policy services, Beijing E-Town also offers such support as talent introduction and provides one-on-one services through dedicated teams for the automotive and intelligent manufacturing industries.