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850 patents per ten thousand people

Updated: 2024-01-11

"There are 850 granted patents per ten thousand people in the core area of Beijing E-Town, more than three times the city's average," according to the Science and Technology Innovation Bureau of Beijing E-Town.

The Beijing Intellectual Property Court's E-Town Judges Workstation and the Innovation Protection Legal Literacy Station were successively unveiled in Beijing E-Town between April and May 2023.

Currently, Beijing E-Town has established a comprehensive intellectual property public service network, including an Intellectual Property Public Service Center, Intellectual Property Protection Sub-Center, eight Intellectual Property Public Service Workstations, four Intellectual Property Overseas Rights Protection Service Liaison Stations, and a Judges’ Workstation, covering multiple aspects such as intellectual property public service, domestic and foreign rights protection assistance.

Beijing E-Town used the cultivation model of "leading enterprises + service institutions" to build patent cultivation centers to enhance patent quality and supporting activities, such as patent navigation, patent mining, and patent risk assessment. 

At present, six high-value patent cultivation centers have been nurtured, namely, JD.com, BOE, Beijing Sunho, Beijing Techwin Electric, Naura, and Chipone.

The improvement in the level of innovation and creation is evident, with the number of effective invention patents in Beijing E-Town reaching 19,100 in November. The core area's per ten thousand people invention patent count of 850 is more than three times the city average.

The sub-centers in Beijing E-Town, through the construction of "one station, one room, one court, one window, one hall," are creating a comprehensive service platform for intellectual property. 

Since the establishment of the Judges' Workstation, it has conducted multiple special training activities. Additionally, it organized the "Protecting Innovation" touring trial at the Beijing University of Technology Software Park, covering no fewer than 100 enterprises. 

The sub-centers, in collaboration with members of the Beijing E-Town Intellectual Property Operation Service Alliance, have created the brand activity "Public Intellectual Property Consultation Day," providing weekly "face-to-face" and "point-to-point" intellectual property consultation guidance for enterprises.

As of now, Beijing E-Town has 11 national intellectual property demonstration enterprises, 34 national intellectual property advantageous enterprises, 116 Beijing intellectual property advantageous institutions, and 228 Beijing intellectual property pilot institutions.