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1000P public intelligent computing center to enter operation

Updated: 2024-01-11

With the initiation of the construction of the first data infrastructure pilot zone in China, Beijing E-Town is accelerating the creation of the E-Town model for data circulation.

According to the blueprint of the pilot zone, Beijing plans to establish a pilot mechanism and build a comprehensive reform experimental field for data infrastructure and data element aggregation within a total area of 68 square kilometers (including 32 square kilometers in Beijing E-Town and 36 square kilometers in Tongzhou district).


A view of the Beijing Data Infrastructure Pilot Zone [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Beijing E-Town has introduced the first integrated construction project of "computing resources + operation services" in the country, relying on the advantages of the local information and technology industry cluster. 

The project aims to accelerate the construction of a 1000P (1P is approximately equal to 1 trillion calculations per second) scale public intelligent computing center, which is planned to enter operation early this year. 

It will provide flexible, convenient, elastic, and secure computing power for cutting-edge industries such as autonomous driving, smart transportation, healthcare, and intelligent manufacturing.

Beijing E-Town has established Beijing International Computing Services Co as the main operator for the scheduling of computational resources in the city. This company will fully support institutional breakthroughs, innovation, and the efficient circulation of elements in the Beijing Data Infrastructure Pilot Zone.


The first "Personal Information Protection Certification" certificate in China [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Since the initiation of the pilot zone, the area has brought in data element enterprises and supported the establishment of platforms for the circulation of data assets by enterprises. It conducts pilot programs around data assets in areas such as heating, water, property management, and autonomous driving to improve the data resource system and strengthen the supply of public data resources.

To support significant breakthroughs in the forefront of data fields (such as artificial intelligence large models, trustworthy data space, blockchain, and data security), Beijing E-Town provides a maximum support amount of 50 million yuan ($7.03 million) for project undertakers. 

It also supports data element-type enterprises in enhancing their independent innovation capabilities, providing a maximum of 20 million yuan in supporting funds. Support is also given for the construction of high-level innovation platforms, offering a one-time fund support of 10 million yuan for the introduction or approval of national-level innovation centers, key laboratories, and engineering research centers within the pilot zone.