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Beijing E-Town sees transformation and upgrade in automotive industry

Updated: 2024-01-17

In Beijing E-Town, the high-end and new energy intelligent automotive industry is playing a tune of transformation and upgrade.

Xiaomi Group's founder and chairman, Lei Jun, recently announced five major technological achievements, including electric drive, battery, large die-casting, intelligent driving, and intelligent cabin. 

The Xiaomi SU7 was also officially unveiled, positioning itself as a "C-class high-performance ecological technology sedan."

Xiaomi's car, which made its debut in Beijing E-Town in November 2021, has made significant progress, and its listing in 2024 is already imminent.

"We have planned and landed a new production line, just completing the first batch of T-IBC (Integrated Line Control Brake System) products in small quantities," said Li Chenfeng, the general manager of Beijing Trinova Auto Tech Co.

Focusing on the domestic substitution of key products for automotive line control chassis, Trinova has formed stable partnerships with more than 30 domestic OEMs. The next-generation products for new energy vehicles and autonomous driving, targeted at the demand, have also entered the production schedule for benchmark models of several domestic OEMs.

"In 2024, our Beijing base will face the year of mass production examination," said Han Chunpeng, the person in charge of the intelligent production base of Futurus (Beijing) Technology Co. 

In September 2023, FUTURUS completed the trial production of the first batch of WHUD (Windshield Head-Up Display) products. 

Large-scale production and delivery of WHUD products are expected to begin in the third quarter of this year, with an annual cumulative shipment volume expected to exceed 50,000 units. Additionally, a new ARHUD product project will also complete trial production tasks.

In this context, the leading auto parts company, Haina Chuan, along with its three joint ventures, has entered Beijing E-Town.

Now, if viewed from high above, in the area around the BHAP subsidiary, near the Beijing Mercedes-Benz complete vehicle factory, there are already gatherings of automotive upstream and downstream enterprises such as ZF, Gestamp and Magna. 

The members of the "circle of friends" in the high-end automotive and new energy intelligent automotive industry in Beijing E-Town are increasing, with companies having neighbors in both upstream and downstream industries.