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First unmanned patrol car starts road test in Beijing E-Town

Updated: 2024-01-18

Beijing E-Town "Smart Patrol Helps Safety" unmanned patrol vehicle launch event was held at Dazu Plaza on Jan 16.

The unmanned patrol vehicle officially launched this time is also the first unmanned patrol vehicle approved to conduct road testing in China.


The unmanned patrol vehicle is officially "on duty". [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Conducting road tests in Beijing E-Town

The unmanned mobile patrol publicity and prevention vehicle is on duty 24 hours a day, covering multiple parks, subway stations, commercial plazas and other densely populated areas within 60 square kilometers of the demonstration area.

They are responsible for patrol prevention and control, big event security, publicity and warning, emergency rescue and other tasks.

In terms of technological innovation, the safety system of the unmanned patrol car is composed of Neolix's self-developed software and hardware, including 360-degree multi-sensor fusion perception, which enables a detection range of up to 120 meters;

The self-developed Neowise computing platform can also provide 254 TOPS computing power, which means it can calculate 254 trillion times per second, allowing unmanned patrol vehicles to calculate and respond in real time based on road conditions to ensure vehicle driving safety.

Updating application scenarios

Currently, Beijing E-Town has achieved full coverage of 160 square kilometers of intelligent network-connected roads and smart city private networks. 

It has taken the lead in opening a number of commercial pilot services such as autonomous driving, and has maintained high standards in supporting policies, test road opening, supervision and management. It also won the Mobility Award of the "China 2023 World Smart City Awards”.

Up to now, this area has 28 test car companies and more than 800 vehicles carrying out test verification and commercialization exploration, with a cumulative test mileage of more than 20 million kilometers. 

Meanwhile, it has launched intelligent connected passenger cars, trunk logistics, unmanned cleaning, unmanned distribution, unmanned patrol and other application scenarios in Beijing E-town, providing regular travel and daily life services to more than 2 million people.

Promoting the construction of 3.0 phase expansion area

Beijing E-Town will promote the implementation of the "China Plan" for vehicle-road-cloud integration and improve the efficiency of city-level engineering test platforms. 

The area will continue to complete 3.0 phase expansion construction and form technical standards, working mechanisms, application cases and business models that can be replicated and promoted on a large scale.