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​UnionTech's business edition of operating system joins large model

Updated: 2024-01-23

Recently, UOS Professional Edition, launched by UnionTech Software Technology Co in Beijing E-Town, integrated with UOS AI, becoming the first commercial release of an operating system in China to integrate with large models.

"For users, AI brings about simpler and more direct human-computer interaction. Executing a simple voice command may involve multiple applications, and this clearly relies on the operating system," explained a spokesperson for UnionTech. 

By using the shortcut "super+C" to activate the UOS AI desktop intelligent assistant, users can achieve end-to-end interaction through voice dialogue or natural language interaction.

The new desktop intelligent assistant will play two major roles as an AI assistant and a knowledge advisor. 

On the one hand, thanks to the deep integration of AI and UnionTech UOS, the AI automation features based on the system-level interface are powerful and can efficiently assist users in various tasks. 

On the other hand, with the integration of UOS AI and large language models, a vast amount of knowledge can be accessed with a single click, providing users with end-to-end question-and-answer services and robust content generation services.

For Professional Edition users, the PC records the daily work footprint, and data privacy and security are particularly important. UOS AI, available on the UnionTech App Store, is compatible with both cloud-side and on-premise large models. In scenarios where users are within an intranet, it supports the integration of locally deployed private models.

As a domestically developed operating system, UnionTech UOS has shipped over 6 million units in the desktop market, maintaining the top market share, and leading the server market with the highest growth rate.