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Beijing E-Town unveils policies to new chapter of development

Updated: 2024-02-02

A press conference on "Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Capital - Consolidating and Enhancing the Positive Economic Trend of Beijing E-Town with Comprehensive Policies” was held at the Beijing Municipal People's Government Information Office on Feb 1.

During the conference, Kong Lei, director of the Administrative Committee of Beijing E-Town, introduced the achievements made in the high-quality development of Beijing E-Town in 2023. 

He also released and interpreted a series of "development-promoting" industrial plans and supporting policies.

Since media reporters are concerned about how to address the financing issues of small and micro-enterprises, Kong stated that Beijing E-Town took the lead in formulating the "Beijing E-Town Small and Micro Enterprise Loan Risk Compensation Fund Management Measures." 

This policy aims to provide risk compensation for small and micro-enterprise non-performing loan projects within cooperating banks through broader policy coverage, appropriate compensation levels, proper filing and compensation declarations, as well as more effective overall debt control.

Yu Miao, minister of the Organization and Personnel Department of Beijing E-Town, addressed questions from reporters regarding talent innovation initiatives.  

He mentioned that the introduction of the "Ten Talent Policies 2.0" in the BDA has created a warm talent policy system, and added that the area is also improving the welfare of talents in various areas, such as in housing security, education resources, and healthcare.

Wang Lei, deputy director of the Beijing E-Town Administrative Committee, provided a detailed interpretation of the development of the information technology industry. He stated that Beijing E-Town has gathered over 90 percent of the country's leading information technology enterprises. 

As a pioneer in the data basic system pilot zone, Beijing E-Town is conducting trials in a 32-square-kilometer area centered around the Taihu Lake region, aiming to create a comprehensive reform test field for data basic systems, a gathering area for data elements, and a highland for the development of the data industry.

Liu Li, deputy director of the Beijing E-Town Administrative Committee, discussed the development plans and innovative measures in the robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry, as well as in the biotechnology and health industry. 

She mentioned that based on the recently issued "Three-Year Action Plan for the High-Quality Development of the Robotics Industry in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (2023-2025)," Beijing E-Town is focusing on the entire robotics industry chain layout, emphasizing technological innovation, industrial development, platform services, park construction, and ecological construction. 

The goal is to create a leading domestic hub for robot technology innovation, a high-end manufacturing aggregation center, an integrated application innovation hub, and an industrial ecology demonstration area.