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Beijing CGT New Momentum Press Conference held in E-Town

Updated: 2024-02-08

The Beijing CGT New Momentum Press Conference was held in Beijing E-Town on Jan 18.

This conference was jointly organized by Beijing CelArts and Beijing E-Town International Biomedical Investment Management Co. 

The event launched one repository and two platforms, namely the Human DC Cell Resource Repository, the Immune Therapy Technology Public Service Platform, and the Tri-Hospital Collaborative New Infrastructure Platform, further promoting the development of the domestic cell and gene therapy (CGT) industry.


The Beijing CGT New Momentum Press Conference [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

The Human DC Cell Resource Repository was unveiled during the conference.

As antigen-presenting cells, DC cells (dendritic cells) link the body's innate and adaptive immunity and are the most critical cells in the immune system. In previous immunotherapies, due to the scarcity of DC cells, it was often difficult to obtain enough DC cells for mechanistic research or product development.

After years of research, CelArts has realized the proliferation of DC cells in vitro, storing only DC cells in the end.

Based on CelArts' independently innovative engineered DC cell technology, the Immune Therapy Technology Public Service Platform is a CRDMO shared technology platform that provides full-process support for the CGT industry chain. 

It is driven by research and development and is committed to providing one-stop solutions for the entire process of the cell industry, from new target discovery, antigen presentation, drug delivery, product quality control, and achievement transformation. 

With the official launch of the platform, it will continue to explore cooperation models with different institutions to empower the development of the CGT industry in E-Town.


The press conference on the launching of the one repository and two platforms is held in Beijing E-Town. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Meanwhile, facing challenges in the stages of innovative medicine hospital application and commercialization, CelArts, Huimei Technology, Huimei Digital Tech, and other companies have cooperated to build the Tri-Hospital Collaborative New Infrastructure Platform. 

This platform will integrate CelArts' integrated pharmaceutical innovation facility platform, Huimei Technology's information infrastructure network of thousands of hospitals, and the full-scenario and full-process drug and device commercialization empowerment platform of Huimei Digital Tech, forming an integrated ecological system covering the core nodes of the entire industry chain.

Up to date, Beijing E-Town has attracted more than 30 innovative variety development companies in the CGT field. 

Among the existing 34 cell and gene therapy medicines in clinical stages in the city, 21 are from Beijing E-Town, ranking first in the city in terms of quantity. 

Next, Beijing E-Town will further promote the development of the CGT industry and build a CDMO platform for innovative small- and medium-sized enterprises in the CGT field to serve the Beijing market and even the market of the whole country.