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Beijing E-Town's key firms boost R&D investment, spur innovation vitality

Updated: 2024-02-18

From January to November 2023, the large- and medium-sized key enterprises in Beijing E-Town had spent a total of 40.39 billion yuan ($5.62 billion) on R&D, registering a year-on-year increase of 9.55 percent and laying a solid foundation for innovative development in 2024.

Accumulating strength: Substantial increase in R&D investment generates new growth momentum from innovation

"In the previous year from January to November, our R&D investment increased by 23 percent," said the head of Beijing Zhifei lvzhu Biopharmaceutical Co. As a domestic vaccine "industry giant", the company focuses on cutting-edge technologies in the vaccine industry and further expanded its research and development layout in 2023.

"Last year, our R&D center significantly increased R&D investment and further expanded our layout in innovative drugs, generic drugs, and functional health foods," said the head of Beijing Scrianen Pharmaceutical Co. 

As a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise, Scrianen already possesses the core variety  "Scrianen Folic Acid Tablets," whose quality standards are set as international standards by the World Health Organization.

Strengthening Efforts: New achievements emerge one by one

Various leading industrial enterprises in Beijing E-Town have made continuous new achievements.

One of the enterprises that increased R&D investment in the previous year, China Unicom Digital Technology has made breakthroughs in integrated services of computing network, storage cloud, and intelligent computing construction. 

UnionTech's software and hardware ecological addaptions have exceeded 5 million, and native applications have surged by 300 percent. 

Goldwind Science and Technology, affiliated with the Gold Wind Innovation Institute, has exceeded one billion kilowatts in global installed capacity. 

Yaskawa Shougang has participated in multiple expos with an "Intelligent production line of new energy battery box robot".

Xiaomi Automobile held a technology release conference, showcasing the Xiaomi SU7 for the first time.

Escorting: Promoting the transformation and landing of corporate R&D investment

"Our goal is to promote technological innovation with a continuous stream of R&D investment and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of our products," said Xing Deli, general manager of Beijing Kaloon Analytical Instruments Co. 

In 2023, the company's R&D investment reached 24 million yuan, and in the new year, the company plans to increase its annual R&D investment to about 30 million yuan.

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, Beijing E-Town have honored a batch of its incentive policies, including 68 million yuan of special incentives for enterprise R&D institutions.

The area also issued a series of new policies, including an implementation plan to support enterprises in equipment purchase and renewal and renovation, with a maximum subsidy of 20 million yuan per project.