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Beijing E-Town expected to add 600 projects in 2024

Updated: 2024-02-19

"The 'Two Zones' in Beijing E-Town saw the addition of 764 new projects in 2023, with an expected investment of 115.4 billion yuan ($16.03 billion), surpassing the set target. Among them, there were 88 foreign-funded projects with an expected investment of $2.33 billion, ranking at the forefront of the city." Stated the head of the "Two Zones" office of Beijing E-Town.

As the main base for Beijing's high-end industries and a pioneer of high-quality development, the goal of investment promotion in 2024 is to add an estimated 600 new projects to the "Two Zones," with an expected investment of 100 billion yuan, and a landing rate of 50 percent.

The continuous release of the "strong magnetic field" effect of high-end industries is supported by the "stabilizer" of project landing in Beijing E-Town, promoting the robust development of industries. 

In Bodaxing Industrial Park, the FUTURUS (Beijing) Intelligent Production Base, with a total investment of 20 million yuan, has officially completed construction. 

In September 2023, it successfully completed the trial production of the first batch of intelligent WHUD (windshield head-up display) products. The trial production capacity and mass production capacity of the new products have been verified.

As a key project in the "Two Zones" project library in Beijing, the base focuses on the research and development, design, and production of HUD (head-up display system) series products, with its research and development headquarters as the center. It has successfully passed the IATF16949:2016 quality management system and ISO triple system certification. 

The annual production capacity can reach 500,000 units, and the annual output value will exceed 1 billion yuan, effectively meeting the needs of more mass production including the latest designated HUD projects.

The completion and commissioning of the projection lithography machine exposure optical system R&D and mass production base project of Beijing Gopptix Technology Co, the construction and use of the Synaptic Medical International Headquarters, and the landing of Caterpillar and Intel Core projects successively...

Focusing on the "421" industrial system, Beijing E-Town saw 575 projects land in the "Two Zones" in 2023, with a total investment of 76.9 billion yuan and a landing rate of 58 percent. 

Among them, there were 49 foreign-funded landing projects, continuously injecting power and vitality into the high-quality development of the economy.。

Currently, Beijing E-Town has gathered more than 1,200 foreign-funded enterprises from over 60 countries and regions worldwide, and 102 Fortune 500 companies have invested in 157 projects.