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Beijing E-Town emerges as a hot spot for technological innovation

Updated: 2024-05-13

The 2024 Zhongguancun Forum recently concluded with Beijing E-Town showcasing impressive achievements, injecting new vitality into global technological cooperation.

At the "Invest in Beijing" conference's enterprise exhibition and investment consultation area, the E-Town Investment Promotion Team, composed of the E-Town Business Cooperation Bureau, "Two Zones" Office, special work groups of automotive and intelligent manufacturing industry, biotechnology and healthcare industry, next-generation information technology industry, and integrated circuit industry, extended olive branches to attract investment.

In this year's Zhongguancun Forum exhibition, several E-Town enterprises exhibited clusters of new technologies and products, including many global and international firsts. Many E-Town technologies, such as rockets, internet-connected vehicles, innovative medicines, chip ecosystems, and robotics, stunned the audience, showcasing the region's innovative inventions.

"The business environment in Beijing E-Town is excellent, with outstanding industrial ecology and high-policy attractiveness, making it an ideal place for business development," Xiao Ye, CEO of Beijing Yixin Intelligent Technology Co, remarked after signing a cooperation agreement with the Beijing E-Town Administrative Committee. This happened during the signing ceremony at the Zhongguancun International Advanced Technology Innovation Competition. 

Besides, the "Beijing High-level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone Data Security Governance White Paper," compiled by the Beijing Municipal High-level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone Office and participated in by E-Town institutions such as China Society of Automotive Engineers and National Innovation Center of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles, was released at the Zhongguancun Forum's Data Security Governance and Development Forum on April 26.

Furthermore, in the "China Unicorn Enterprise Development Report (2024)" released at the Zhongguancun Forum Global Unicorn Enterprise Conference, 14 enterprises from Beijing E-Town were listed as unicorns, covering E-Town's four leading industries and strategic emerging industries.