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JD.com, Xiaomi reach new strategic cooperation

Updated: 2024-05-22

JD.com and Xiaomi Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement recently.

The two parties have set a sales target of 200 billion yuan ($27.92 billion) for Xiaomi's sales across all channels on JD.com in the next three years, and they will jointly promote the sales growth of Xiaomi's multi-category smart hardware products.

This alliance marks an important milestone in the comprehensive upgrade of the cooperative relationship between the two. 

Already in 2015, JD.com and Xiaomi had engaged in cooperation. Today, JD.com is Xiaomi's largest strategic partner in global sales. 

In 2024, with the launch of Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi's "people, car and home full ecosystem" strategy will be completed. JD.com, relying on its channel resources advantages in retail and logistics, is an important force for Xiaomi to achieve this strategy.

After signing the agreement, JD.com and Xiaomi will continue to deepen cooperation in the retail, logistics, technology and financial fields, while also further expanding cooperation in fields such as industry, health, and insurance, achieving deep integration and coordinated development in multiple industries, and exploring broader market growth space.

In the retail field, JD.com will join hands with Xiaomi to deeply build in categories such as 3C digital, home appliances and the automotive, accurately matching Xiaomi's full range of products for consumers, enabling more Xiaomi products to enter households and complete the interconnection of smart hardware.

In the field of logistics, JD.com will leverage its integrated supply chain advantages in warehouse layout, inventory optimization, etc., and it will deepen cooperation with Xiaomi in areas such as international logistics and logistics digitization, improve Xiaomi's logistics efficiency, achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and optimize service experience."