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Increased focus on R&D transformation in life science

Updated: 2024-06-04

Recently, Annoroad Gene Technology (Beijing) Co reached a strategic cooperation with MGI Tech Co. The Annoroad Technology Service DCS Lab (a multi-omics frontier lab) has been officially established in Beijing E-Town.

"DCS Lab is MGI' initiative to empower laboratories in the global cutting-edge research field. D, C and S stand for genomics, cellomics and spatiotemporal omics respectively," said Li Zhimin, CEO of Annoroad. 

This strategic cooperation with MGI on DCS represents another significant investment in Annoroad's scientific service capabilities in basic research tools and multi-omics technology R&D transformation.

The Annoroad DCS Lab is equipped with high-standard, one-stop omics research tools and platforms to meet various research needs of customers, aiding in the achievement of more groundbreaking scientific results."

Why Annoroad? It stems from the company's strong foundation in multi-omics research and basic research tools. 

Before the establishment of the lab, Annoroad was equipped with four DNBSEQ-T7 sequencers and supporting equipment to support in-depth WGS (whole-genome sequencing) for at least 30,000 individuals per year, single-cell sequencing of 3,000 samples per year using the DNBelab C series, and 480 STO spatiotemporal omics chips annually. 

In the field of cellomics, Annoroad has experience with over 50 species and 300 tissue types, and it has developed diverse, innovative data analysis modules.

"Annoroad, as the first corporate user to participate in the co-construction of the DCS Lab multi-omics frontier lab, will work with MGI to utilize high-quality sequencing service resources. This collaboration aims to provide higher-standard scientific services to a wide range of users and jointly promote life science research to higher levels and broader fields," Li added.