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Xiaomi Robot Co relocates to Xiaomi Automotive Factory in E-Town

Updated: 2024-06-07

A relocation ceremony for Beijing Xiaomi Robotics Technology Co was held in Beijing E-Town on June 4.


The second-generation bionic quadruped robot, CyberDog 2, performs dance at the event. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

As an important hub for the robotics industry in Beijing, Beijing E-Town has developed a comprehensive industrial chain for robots, covering core components, complete machines and applications. 

It has established the country's first provincial humanoid robot innovation center, Beijing Humanoid Robot Industry Alliance, and has attracted leading humanoid robot companies like Xiaomi Robotics and UBTECH Robotics. The world's first full-sized humanoid robot, "Tiangong", which runs on pure electric power, was also launched here.

Humanoid robots represent the cutting edge of the integration of hardware, software and artificial intelligence. 

Xiaomi Group has been a pioneer in the domestic research and development of bionic robots and has built a research team of several hundred people. Their expertise spans components, hardware systems, software systems, operational control and sensing.

Currently, Xiaomi Robotics Company is advancing the phased implementation of humanoid robots within its own manufacturing system. 

In the short term, Xiaomi Robotics will focus on specialized intelligent robots applied in certain smart manufacturing scenarios, and there are plans to expand to more areas in the future. 


Full-sized humanoid bionic robot, CyberOne [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

To date, Xiaomi has released the quadruped bionic robot CyberDog, the full-sized humanoid bionic robot CyberOne and the new bionic quadruped robot CyberDog 2. 

CyberDog 2 can autonomously respond to human actions and voice commands, perform basic movements like jumping forward and backward, obstacle avoidance, and complex actions such as backflips and moonwalking.