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'E-Town arrows' achieves three successes in 10 days

Updated: 2024-06-12


The launch of the Ceres-1 Y13 carrier rocket [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Beijing Galactic Energy Space Technology Co successfully launched the Ceres-1 Y13 carrier rocket (mission code: Love On Top) from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 1 pm on June 6, placing three satellites and the Asteroid God of Love fixed orbital experimental platform into a sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 545 km. 

It was the third successful launch of the Ceres-1 carrier rocket within 10 days.

"The Asteroid God of Love orbital fixed experimental platform, carried on this flight, is the first commercial rocket terminal stage fixed orbital experimental platform in China, developed independently by our company," said Liu Baiqi, CEO of Galactic Energy.

The term "fixed orbital" refers to "remaining in orbit after detaching from the rocket." 

This platform is based on the terminal stage of the Ceres-1 carrier rocket and has been upgraded to achieve in-orbit operation capabilities. 

It provides a low-cost, convenient verification platform for in-orbit testing of new technologies, devices and products.

This time, the Asteroid God of Love - fixed orbital experimental platform carried a milli-Newton-level krypton propellant Hall electric thruster payload, which will be used for fixed orbital trailer principle verification.

Additionally, the three satellites carried on this flight are the TEE-01B (Earth Eye No. 1 satellite) and the Naxing-3 A and B satellites.

To date, Galactic Energy has successfully launched 48 different types of commercial satellites for 20 satellite customers. Moving forward, the company will continue to expand the boundaries of space business through extensive and in-depth technological innovation.

The launch was the sixth successful commercial rocket launch from Beijing E-Town this year, and there are plans to launch over 30 commercial rockets and approximately 160 satellites throughout the year.